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Louise Dahlin have a Bachelor's degree in acting and directing from Arizona State University, USA. She also trained at Calle Flygare Theater School Stockholm, Sweden.  

After graduating, Louise worked as an acting coach for actors at the world's largest international performance program, the Premiere Program. There, she worked as an coach for over 500 actors to train prepare them for their showcases at Walt Disney World, FL. The students were between 5-30 years old and came from 22 countries. Several of her former students have come a long way in the industry.


In 2019, Louise started her own company "DramaCoachen" where she over video calls helps actors to prepare scripts for an audition and / or train in famous acting techniques, such as:  Meisner, Stanislavski, Cohen, Bogart and Hagen . The company has grown rapidly and many actors have developed their acting and self-confidence. 

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