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About me 

I always knew I wanted to study in the US but I had never been able to imagine what a trip it would be like. Studying and living in the United States has been incredibly educational and rewardingtime in my life that I will never forget or regret. I have always been divided about what I should study: Finance or theater and directing, as I did a lot of acting in Sweden but have also always dreamed of opening my own. Therefore, I chose to take two Associate Degrees (AA) in Business Administration and Economics at Santa Barbara City College. Mina Associate Degrees tog tre  years but it is actually possible to take an AA Degree in two  year. Due to lack of communication  and a little knowledge in choosing the right classes, it took an extra year. In retrospect, however, I know exactly how to go about increasing your chances of taking an AA after two years.  After three years in California, it was time to make a so-called transfer to take my Bachelors Degree (BA) at Arizona State University where I after two  years took my BA in Theater. A BA degree can be taken at four  years but can sometimes be five  or sex  years if you do not have a clear academic plan.

        It feels like my life as a student in the United States could be my own book. All the paperwork you constantly have to think about, all the choices, questions, important crossroads and long nights of confusion in front of Google. I want to help you fulfill your dream. I want to be the person I myself wish I had during my many years in school.  

Louise Dahlin, USA Coach

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