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Your coach before and during your studies in the USA



Requires  you help before studying in the US but want to avoid paying large sums for a "package"? Afraid of being scammed for money? Or are you currently studying in the USA but need quick help with the next intermediate goal?  Then you have come to the right place!


With us, you decide what you need help with.

Available. Easy. Cheap. All help is provided over voice or video calls at a time and place that suits you. 

USA Coaches

I want to be the right hand that I myself missed during my years as a student in the United States. I know my path could have been smoother, easier and cheaper  if I had found someone who could guide and act as my right hand. I am here for you throughout the trip and you can buy just the service you need help with. I am there for you  via email, video call or phone. Taking the step, it's up to you! Here we go!

About me

I have always had a dream to study in the United States. I had planned everything and knew exactly what my path would look like. Is it always as you thought? No. Three educations later, I can honestly say that what I learned the most about  is the way forward.

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